Royal Trees

Mt Royal Trees

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These are the trees that come down to the skier’s right of the Hummingbird Chute. This zone can be extremely dangerous because of avalanche threat and because of the difficult access. If you get slightly misdirected at the start, you could end up in the Dirty Books Couloir, the Hummingbird, or on top of some giant death cliffs which are on either side of both of those features. None of those outcomes are likely to end well for the unprepared backcountry traveler. When you drop into Royal, it’s important to stay high skier’s right until you get down to the trees. There is a big section of deadfall to avoid and then you’ll be in the good section. There are tight trees to work through before it opens up into some long open veins. There is a lot of avalanche terrain on this face where it gets steep, as well as a lot of dangers from hidden deadfall. Just about everything here is steep enough to slide, even in the trees. This is a bad zone to get lost in so it’s better to go with someone who knows it.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations



Zach's Stop

Also known as the Rainbow Lake Trailhead, Zach's Stop is a small parking lot on the other side of the bike path.


Mt Royal Trees

Mt Royal Trees


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Mt Royal Trees by POVPowder: 01/11/2015

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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3 years ago

Ive seen those chutes next to the hummingbird slide before