Gold Hill

Gold Hill Ridge at Mayflower Gulch

E-NE facing trees at Mayflower Gulch. The safest way up is up through the trees from the parking lot. You can follow the trail around and up instead, which is what most people do, but getting up on the ridge from the Southwest will put you under a huge cornice which can be dangerous. The trees are pretty tight but there are fun sections, particularly in the middle area. Be careful of the cornice to the looker’s right (the South end). Many people find it tempting to drop but it can break off a piece the size of a small house. The cornice gets bigger the farther you go looker’s left.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations



Gold Hill Ridge

The Ridge Above Gold Hill

Gold Hill Cornice

The Cornice Above Gold Hill at Mayflower Gulch

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Making Turns in The Tenmile-Mosquito Range by Fritz Sperry

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Mayflower Gulch by Forrest Kleinman: 01/19/2010

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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