K Chute

The K Chute is the middle of the SKY Chutes (S Chute, K Chute, Y Chute) and has 2 lines. The Dogleg is the more popular one, with an aspect that’s a little more shaded and Northerly than the Straight line. The best snow is in the trees to the skier’s left of the top of the dogleg. Both chutes are largely West facing. These are dangerous avalanche chutes. Be wary of crossloading from wind, which will create big slabs that can break off and step down to deep avalanches. Even in the trees you can break off a slide that will run into the chutes. The chutes themselves are terrain traps. When you exit, look for the bridge across the creek marked in yellow.You’ll probably be able to drop in around tree line at 12,100 feet and you’ll end up on the bike path around 9750 feet in elevation. The slope in the chutes averages 23 degrees and maxes out at about 34 degrees. Straight K should be avoided early and late season when the high-walled stream towards the bottom becomes impossible to avoid.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations



Copper Mountain Far East Lot

Behind the parking lot is a bridge across the creek.


The SKY Chutes

S-K-Y Chutes

Guide Books

Making Turns in The Tenmile-Mosquito Range by Fritz Sperry

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POV Snowboarding The K Chute (dogleg) Pt. 2 by POVPowder: 03/20/2014

POV Snowboarding The K Chute (dogleg) by POVPowder: 03/20/2014

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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