Curtain Chutes

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The Curtain Chutes are steep, extremely dangerous gullies coming off Peak One into Tenmile Canyon towards I-70. Curtain East The skier's right side is more exposed to the sun and a little more open, but still incredibly steep and more prone to melting off. Curtain West The skier's left line is the more North facing and sheltered line in Curtain. This line has some really narrow rock chokes and a consistent history of huge avalanches that don't get reported because you can't see them from the road. The Curtain lines can be reached by downhiking from the ridge or climbing up from the bike path on I-70. This is an extreme danger zone and may not be filled in from top to bottom. In particular, the rock chokes on the skier's left pose a high threat of being melted off or trapping you during a slide.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations




Curtain East and West Chutes

Big Lee Peak One Tenmile Range

Big Lee in the center, Curtain and Little Tim also partially visible

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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