Loveland Pass

Loveland Pass has a lot of easy-access terrain. Dropping Northeast off the top of the pass is the standard run, along with the area to the skier’s right of the parking lot, also on the Northeast Side.

Many of the runs at Loveland Pass are hiked from the parking lot at the top. When traveling along ridges, be careful to stay away from any cornice. The runs at Marjorie Bowl are typically hiked from down lower, going up the obvious ridge. Be aware that you’ll be in dangerous terrain traps during many of these runs.

Please click here to view the current Backcountry Avalanche Forecast for Summit County from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC). You may also want to look at the forecast for the Front Range, also from the CAIC.

To see the hour-by-hour temperatures and wind speeds, click here for the Weather Underground Website.

*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

Avalanche Reports

Here are some major incident reports from the pass. Many involve fatalities or serious injuries. Read them, learn from them, and take them as a warning. This website is dedicated to the memory of those we’ve lost in the backcountry.

12/27/2013 (1 skier buried)

04/20/2013 (6 buried, 5 killed)

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