Old Reliable

Loveland Pass Old Reliable

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People call this the Saddle Run or Old Reliable or sometimes just "The Ridge." You just hike up from the top of Loveland Pass along the ridge and drop in wherever the snow looks good. This slope can and will slide and should not be treated as a “safe zone” where “you don’t need avy gear” as some people seem to think. Down below the ridge, they call the open meadows “the ironing board” but there is also a slide path with that same name on the other side of the pass near Dave’s Wave. The small gullies on this face can be filled in with snow early season and late season when nothing else is skiable, and you can still find runs here if you bring your rock skis. This area gets a lot of traffic. Be courteous towards other people and don’t drop in when a group is on the open slope below you.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations



Loveland Pass Summit

Loveland Pass Switchback

This is the hitchhiking spot for runs on the North side of Loveland Pass


Old Reliable Ridge Loveland Pass

Old Reliable Ridge

Old Reliable Exit

The Exit Drainage from Old Reliable

Old Reliable Lower Segment

Lower Segment Above Drainage in Old Reliable

Old Reliable Upper

Upper Segment, the Saddle of the Saddle Run

Loveland Pass Hitchhiking Spot

Hitchhike from the switchback or leave your car down here

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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