Idiot’s Cornice

Idiot's Cornice on Loveland Pass

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A huge cornice forms up on the ridge here at Loveland Pass. It can be over 20 feet tall in some winters, and it drops onto ~40 degree slopes. This cornice can easily break off and slide the entire zone. Take a hint from the name and stay away. You're better off dropping in earlier on the ridge on the Saddle Run which is often called Old Reliable. You may see a lot of tracks below the cornice, but don't blindly follow them. You'd need an intimate familiarity with the local snow-pack to time this one.


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Loveland Pass Summit

Loveland Pass Switchback

This is the hitchhiking spot for runs on the North side of Loveland Pass


Idiots Cornice

Idiot's Cornice Winter Conditions

Idiots Cornice Spring

Idiot's Cornice Spring Conditions

Loveland Pass Hitchhiking Spot

Hitchhike from the switchback or leave your car down here

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Loveland Pass Backcountry Ski Map by Rob Writz

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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