The Short Laps

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The runs to the skier’s right of the main line at Loveland Pass are collectively referred to as the “short laps”. These small gullies all have unofficial local names, but nothing in here is long enough to warrant its own section. In this zone you’ll find a lot of short steeps runs that don’t normally get tracked as much as the main gut. The reason for this is that the runs are shorter, and you’ll end up further up the road from the hitch hiking spot which will make it harder to catch a ride.These laps are great for when you have a shuttle. They’re steep with some terrain features and some open gullies, which definitely have the potential to slide and bury you. If you start at one of the pull-outs before the top of the pass and stay in the trees next to the gullies you’ll typically find a good challenging run.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations



Loveland Pass Summit

Loveland Pass Switchback

This is the hitchhiking spot for runs on the North side of Loveland Pass


Loveland Pass Hitchhiking Spot

Hitchhike from the switchback or leave your car down here


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Short Lap Loveland Pass by POVPowder: 05/15/2014

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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