Loveland Pass Main Line Road Shots

The main gut of Loveland Pass is skied a lot, since it requires no hiking and it drops you down to a natural hitchhiking spot. You can also leave cars down there to shuttle. Also called “road shots” and “road laps” and a number of other names that reference the fact that you can hit it directly from the road. Many people include The Short Laps when they’re talking about this zone. This is great intermediate ski terrain where you’ll find many features built up by dedicated shredders. Many people are out here without avalanche gear, but this is not recommended. On a big powder day, even something that gets skied a lot can slide.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations



Loveland Pass Summit

Loveland Pass Switchback

This is the hitchhiking spot for runs on the North side of Loveland Pass


Loveland Pass Hitchhiking Spot

Hitchhike from the switchback or leave your car down here

Guide Books

Loveland Pass Backcountry Ski Map by Rob Writz

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Loveland Pass Roadside Trees by POVPowder: 05/10/2014

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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