Kitchen Wall

Kitchen Wall, Loveland Pass

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Steep terrain covered with cliff bands and high consequences. Most of the zone is East facing. There are sections of mandatory air, and steep faces known to slide frequently. Don’t go on here without knowing your intended route, and being confident in the snowpack. If you go down past the first set of cliffs, make sure you’re aware of the location of the lower cliffs. Dropping in from the highest summit involves skirting above cliffs and choosing a narrow couloir to get through them. The bowl to the South is around 40 degrees and known to slide a lot. Sometimes the chutes South of that are skiable too.Often times, people drop in after a 15 minute hike up from the parking lot. If they knew how easily that area can produce a huge wind slab avalanche they would probably think twice and find a different zone to practice their powder turns.This is some of the steepest and most avalanche prone terrain on the pass and should be treated with respect at all times.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations



Kitchen Wall

The Whole Ridge of the Kitchen Wall


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Kitchen Wall by Braden Litke: 04/14/2017

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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