West Willow Valley

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The West Willow Creek Basin, or West Willow Valley, is Backcountry access terrain that can be reached from a gate at Snowmass. Gaper Bowl, Mr Magoo's, Juan's Way, Hair Balls, Feather Bed, and Vertigo are all S-SE facing. Then it wraps around to some East facing terrain until ultimately Novias and Do It Again are North facing. The terrain varies in intensity and danger level from open faces to couloirs, but avalanche risk in West Willow Valley should always be considered high. You'll climb back up to the resort at a saddle to the Northwest. Do not ski further down into the drainage below you. You'll only get hopelessly lost in the middle of nowhere if you do.


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Dawson's Guide to Colorado Backcountry Skiing, Volume 1 by Louis W. Dawson

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Aspen Backcountry West Willow Basin by Jesse Hoff: 01/08/2017

Raw Footie: West Willow Basin by Mark D: 04/02/2016

Sidecountry Tour by Dave Watson: 03/30/2014

Snowmass Sidecountry Omega Rocks by Snowmassair4: 07/17/2011

West Willow by Snowmassair4: 05/14/2011

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations