Tonar Bowl

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The Tonar Bowl is totally gnarly. It's very steep, and there are huge cliffs everywhere that you could fall off or be swept off. Because of the twisting, rocky ledge-walled nature of this face, any avalanche in here could easily be deadly, and most likely will be. There's no safe place to stop along the way down. You can find the entrance by going south along Highlands Ridge after entering the backcountry from the top of Highlands Bowl. Look for a small ridge that goes off to the Southwest and follow that down for about 600 feet to get to the drop in. This is a highly dangerous area and it is threatened from above by several other avalanche paths which have more southern exposure.


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This is the Winter Closure for Maroon Creek Rd


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tOnar bAsin elk mOuntains aspen cO by elkmtnAir: 12/29/2010

My Daily Habitat : Tonar Bowl Spring 2010 by Adam L.: 04/01/2010

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations