Huntsman Ridge

Huntsman is a ridge near McClure Pass. On the North side of Hunstman Ridge, from Southeast to Northwest, are Riley 1, Riley 2, Riley 3, Riley Bowl and Elk Bowl. On the South side are Girlfriend Glade and Boyfriend Ridge. Bear's Point is between Riley 1 and 2. Riley 1, 2 and 3 are N-NE steep tree runs with dangerous drainages. Riley Bowl is mostly East facing and very avalanche prone, as is the next bowl on the ridge to the North which is Elk Bowl. Elk Bowl faces more E-SE. East from Bear's Point is Girlfriend Glade which is E-SE facing and a more mellow meadow run. South from Bear's Point is Boyfriend Glade which leads to easy-going South facing terrain. No matter where you ski you can expect to climb back up whatever you go down.


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McClure Pass

Winter Parking to the East of the Summit


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Huntsman Ridge Skiing by Dave D.: 01/15/2009

Huntsman's Ridge by skiingthebackcountry: 01/31/2008

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations