Four Pines

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Four Pines is a big area of predominantly East facing terrain. On the way out to it, you'll pass beneath giant cliffs that could threaten you with slides from above. Four Pines itself is very avalanche prone and has a good selection of trees, cliffs, chutes, and open sections. You should always be cautious choosing your route, because there are a lot of cliffs everywhere. You can avoid most of them by heading due East from the top. From the bottom, you can make your way down and skier's left to get back in-bounds in the lower Hobacks, beneath Rock Springs. Another option is a steep, narrow, and incredibly dangerous couloir facing Southeast called Broken Branch. The entrance is hard to find and difficult to navigate, the cliff exposure is huge, and the avalanche risk is incredibly high.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations


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Jackson Hole Ski Atlas, Edition III by Angus M. Thuermer

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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