Uneva Peak

Uneva Peak

Uneva Peak can be accessed from Vail Pass and offers a number of skiable areas. Also known as The Claw, Uneva's Southwest face is steep and prone to avalanche. It shouldn't be skied on days where slide risk is present. Its Southwest angle also gives it a lot of exposure to the sun. Uneva's South Bowl, sometimes known as 100 Turns of Fun, is reasonably low angled and for the most part has good spacing in the trees. It's steep enough to post avalanche danger but it's the least threatened of the choices on Uneva. Past that to the South, the South Ridge has mellow trees and meadows that face Southwest. Uneva's East Face is steep and dangerous, with an array of choices heading South down the ridge and a hike back up to exit.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations



Vail Pass

There is a parking fee at Vail Pass


Uneva Peak

Uneva Peak from the Southeast

Uneva Bowl

Uneva Bowl - The Claw

Uneva South Ridge

The South Ridge

100 Turns of Fun

100 Turns of Fun


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Uneva Peak, Vail pass, Final Video Edit by Ditka1: 05/10/2019

Uneva Peak Timber Zone 5/1/2019 (Second Run) by Ck SnowRide: 05/01/2019

Uneva Peak Timber Zone 5/1/2019 (First Run) by CK SnowRide: 05/01/2019

Uneva Peak, Vail Pass 4/29/2019 by Ck SnowRide: 04/29/2019

Skiing the Vail Pass Backcountry - November 2018 by IceBergmaier: 11/12/2018

Backcountry skiing - Uneva Peak by rvalentino11: 02/01/2016

Uneva Peak Ski Tour by bmlvail: 03/10/2015

Uneva Ridge, Vail Pass Backcountry by The Killer Pandas: 03/08/2014

Uneva Bowl Powder Skiing by Bruce H.: 12/24/2013

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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