Lincoln Ampitheater

The Lincoln Amphitheater is a wide open East facing line off Mt. Lincoln, with usually variable coverage. There is a dangerous area of frozen waterfalls between the bottom of the zone and Montgomery Reservoir. You'll have to find a way around the ice to ski this line. Avalanche danger is high here, from multiple aspects and pitches to cliffs and cornices above the line that threaten it. In the cliffs above there is a steep and narrow couloir dropping down into Lincoln Amphitheater. This cliff face is also known as the Cabin Chutes, and depending on how well filled in it is there may be other skiable lines. Avalanche danger is high and this couloir may not be filled in either. The cliff runs also run into the same ice-fall section.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations


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Making Turns in The Tenmile-Mosquito Range by Fritz Sperry

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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