Lambs Slide Couloir

A steep and dangerous N-NW facing couloir off Long’s Peak. It drops down to Chasm Lake.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations



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Lambslide Couloir by John Milne: 04/25/2015

Longs Peak Lambslide Couloir ski descent AP by Austin Porzak: 07/27/2010

Ski Mountaineering Longs Peak Colorado by Eli Helmuth: 03/22/2009

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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Tom Kelley
Tom Kelley
3 years ago

Great collection of videos! Lambs slide is one of my absolute favorite early summer drops in the Park. Have been hitting it for over 25 years now on a regular basis. The key is to hit it once the snow pack has stabilized, but BEFORE the ice is off Chasm Lake. If you can approach and descend on ice across Chasm Lake, the trip is so much easier and enjoyable than thrutching with the talus and moraine whilst lugging skis or a board. Timing is everything on this one.