St. Vrain Glaciers

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The remote access of the St. Vrain Glaciers demands respect. They should generally be done as part of a multi-day hike. Glacier #1: Called the Ooh-La-La Express, this run forms a huge bergschrund (crevasse) in the Summer below the couloir that poses extreme danger to skiers. This is a steep and dangerous couloir that should be taken seriously. Glacier #2: Called the Vrain Drain, This N-NE facing glacier run holds good snow and can stay filled in to the top late into the season. Glacier #3, #4: These would be located just along the ridge skier’s left of #5 but they aren’t generally filled in or skiable. Glacier #5: This steep N-NE facing couloir on the St. Vrain Glaciers holds snow really well and can be hit in the late Spring. Glacier #6: This N-NE facing slope holds snow well and can be run late in the season.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations


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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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