Little Elvis Couloir

Little Elvis Couloir

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Approach like you are headed towards the Silver Couloir. Once the route flattens out above treeline you’ll want to head right to the line instead of proceeding on towards silver. You’ll see a big rock outcropping as you’re coming up that last stretch of the hike, and that’s where you can drop in just to the skier’s right of it, staying to the skier’s right at the entrance. You’ll have steep fall-line skiing and then you’ll come around a bend and have some cliffs to contend with, which you can avoid by staying extremely skier’s right at the bottom. Don’t follow the bottom too far down past the trail which is your exit or you’ll have a tough way out. Remember that you’re going to want to cut to the right to get out.


*All Mapped Areas are Approximations


Little Elvis Couloir

Little Elvis Couloir

Little Elvis Entrance

Entrance to Little Elvis

Little Elvis Steep Segment

The Steep Section of Little Elvis

Little Elvis Lower

Lower View of Little Elvis

Little Elvis Lower Cliffs

Little Elvis Lower Cliff Band

Little Elvis Aerial

Looking Down From Above at the Little Elvis Cliffs

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*All Mapped Areas are Approximations

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